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Are you wondering how to introduce Soum to your child in Ramadan 2023? You’ve come to the right place.

Many Muslim parents, especially those living in non-Islamic countries, are always in search of the right ways to introduce Islamic doctrines & rituals to their children, and Ramadan is no exception.

Ramadan, being one of the pillars of Islam, is a particular month for millions of Muslims worldwide. It is a holy month that requires Muslims to abstain from food and drink from dawn to dusk for 30 days.

However, Ramadan for Muslims is more than merely fasting – it is a month where we reflect on our deeds and actions along with praying. Ramadan brings peace, contentment, and excitement all together.

Moreover, the reward Muslims achieve from their actions of fasting and prayer during the blessed month cannot be underestimated, which is why we as Muslims have always known the importance of Ramadan since childhood.

Even before we reached an age where it was obligated for us to fast – our parents had introduced us to the concept of faith, the holy month of Ramadan, and why it was essential for us to fast during this blessed month – to bring ourselves closer to Allah (SWT).

Now that it is our turn to pass on the concept and get our children ready for this holy month, we often find ourselves puzzled about where to start, how to get them prepared for Ramadan, and how to make them understand the philosophy of Ramadan.

So, now that Ramadan 2023 has arrived, how can we get ready to introduce our kids to the beauty of this holy month?

Before we get into more details, the first and foremost step should be to explain Ramadan to your child and build a strong foundation and get in the right mindset for Ramadan. If children do not understand the concept of Ramadan, it is unlikely their hearts will ever truly be in it.

How to Explain Ramadan to a Child

Firstly, start by telling your kids how Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, is a holy month for Muslims. And how during the month of Ramadan, Muslims are required to fast from dawn to dusk for one month. The fast also requires Muslims to act responsibly and kindly towards other people by refraining from lying, gossiping, cheating, or fighting.

Moreover, you can also tell them how during the month of Ramadan, Muslims contemplate our closeness to Allah (SWT), how to become better human beings, give to people in need, ask forgiveness for our wrongdoings, and pray during the night time together with our families to make the most of this month.

You should also not forget to tell your kids about how Ramadan ensures we become more patient and have self-control, mainly because we cannot eat or drink until a certain time of the day. Tell your kids about how fasting brings Muslims closer to Allah, strengthens their faith, and helps people become patient and be thankful for what they have.

Moreover, you can tell them about who can abstain from the act of fasting; these include young kids, the elderly, and the sick. People who do fast wake up after midnight to have a meal and some water to make sure they stay hydrated during the fast before Fajr time. And then, later in the evening, around Maghrib time, they have some delicious meals with their families.

Other methods you could try to introduce younger children to the concept of Ramadan in 2023 include the following:

  1. Books about Ramadan: purchasing Ramadan books for children. They’re a great way to get your kids started on the concept and get them engaged.
  2. Ramadan Web Series for Children: Secondly, you can watch informative web series specially designed for Muslim children with your children. Welcome, Ramadan – Omer & Hana, Ramadan Begins by the British Council, and Ramadan by PBS Learning Media are some excellent shows.
  3. Engaging Sermons in the Local Mosque: You can also ask your local Imam to hold an engaging sermon for children on the philosophy and importance of Ramadan. Remember to keep it light and easy to understand, so children don’t lose interest.
  4. Teaching by Doing: Best of all, you can teach your children the philosophy of Ramadan by showing them through action. Embody the teachings of Ramadan in your daily life; your children will learn by your example.

How to Try Fun Activities to Get Your Children More Engaged

Apart from teaching your children the concept of Ramadan through books and other means, you could also try some fun and engaging activities to make them look forward to the month of fasting in Ramadan 2023.

Here are some Ramadan activities for kids you need to try:

  • Create a Ramadan Atmosphere: To make your children feel the importance and uniqueness of the holy month of Ramadan, try to do some engaging activities with your children. These activities can include doing arts and crafts activities. For example, making some Ramadan cards to pass on to friends and friendly, or even decorating your home for Ramadan. You could try putting on some fairy lights or lamps and include your children in the process.
  • Share Food: In Ramadan times 2023, one thing we all seem to miss is connecting with the people around us after being isolated at home due to a pandemic. So, this time around, when the world finally prepares to move on from the pandemic, connect with those around you. Share the food that we prepare for Iftar with neighbors and friends. You can also include your kids in the process by making them prepare Iftar and also passing food to their friends and family.
  • Charity: A vital aspect of every Muslim’s life is to help those in need. In Ramadan 2023, let’s focus more on helping those in our circles or areas that are in dire need of help and also teach our children the importance of charity.
  • For example, you can start a charity box where every household member adds money to the box, even the children, and the child distributes it. You can also take your child shopping with you to get clothes and accessories for underprivileged children in your community and so much more!

How to Prepare Children to Fast

In Islam, Soum or Fast is obligatory for the baligh, individuals who have reached maturity or puberty. Therefore, Fasts are not mandatory for children aged 13 or less; the age can vary as every child reaches adulthood at a different time.

However, it is advised that parents start preparing their children for Ramadan when they reach 7 years of age. To prepare your kids to begin fasting, never skip the practice part! Practicing before your kids start fasting or part-fast is extremely important.

As the name implies, the part-fast is a partial fast that is broken at midday or before the actual iftar time. This could be done by waking your children up for Suhoor to start the habit of waking up after midnight for a meal or having their breakfast later in the day.

You can also try getting them to fast for as long as they can. For example, wake them up for Suhoor, and then they can break their fast whenever they feel comfortable during the day.

However, one thing to ensure as a parent is that your kids are physically ready to fast. If they complain about feeling sick during their part-fasts, let them have something to drink or eat. Fasting is a habit that they will develop eventually as long as they stay determined to practice and try!

The Takeaway For Introducing Children To Ramadan In 2023

Ramadan 2023 has arrived in all its glory and is well underway. If you’re planning to introduce Ramadan to your children this year, we truly hope you find our article helpful and help your children learn about the beauty of this month to the best of their ability!


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