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Eid ul Fitr, also called Eid al-Fitr, is a special time for Muslims, the day when everyone comes together to celebrate the completion of Ramadan (the month of fasting).

For those of you who do not know much about Eid, it is a festival or feast that holds great importance to Muslims worldwide.

There are two Eids every year, including Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha. This post takes a close look at Eid ul Fitr and when it will be celebrated in 2022.

Eid ul Fitr is one of the most important times of the year. It is observed on the 1st day of Shawal, the tenth month of the Islamic Calendar.

The literal translation of Eid ul Fitr is “Feast of Breaking the Fast,” and it is celebrated to give thanks to the passing of the month of Ramadan, which is the holiest month for Muslims.

Importance of Eid Ul Fitr

The Feast of Breaking the Fast – Eid ul Fitr is a holiday in the Islamic faith that is observed to pay tribute to the Almighty for bestowing courage and strength during Ramadan.

Muslims fast for the entire month in Ramadan. From dusk till dawn, they refrain from eating, drinking, and the materialistic desires of their heart, and Eid ul Fitr is a reward for this hardship.

After month long devotion and self-control, Muslims acknowledge the accomplishment of their sacred duties during Ramadan. Many countries around the world that are home to a large Muslim population deem the festival as a national holiday.

Celebrations tend to last for three to four days which is why Eid ul Fitr is known as the Smaller Eid, whereas Eid ul Adha is called Greater Eid.

If you want to learn more about the festivities of Eid ul Fitr and are wondering when Eid ul Fitr will fall in the UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other countries in 2023, you must continue reading.

When Is Eid ul Fitr 2023 in the UK?

Eid ul Fitr is dependent on the sighing of the moon, therefore, the date may vary by a day or two. The expected date for Eid ul Fitr UK is Sat, Apr 22, 2023. However, for greater accuracy, it would be better to say that Eid ul Fitr in the UK could fall on any day between April 21, 2023, and April 23, 2023.

When Is Eid ul Fitr 2022 in Saudi Arabia?

According to estimates, Eid ul Fitr 2022 in Saudi Arabia will be celebrated on Sat, Apr 22, 2023. If you reside in Saudi Arabia, you need to understand that this date is tentative and might vary depending on the moon sighting.

The good news is that Saudi Arabia is a Muslim-majority country that considers the first week of Shawal a holiday. Hence, you get to participate in festivities for much longer.

When Is Eid ul Fitr 2023 in Qatar?

In Qatar, Eid ul Fitr 2023 will tentatively fall on Sat, Apr 22, 2023. Since the first Ramadan in Qatar and KSA was on March 23, it is safe to assume that Eid ul Fitr would be celebrated on the same day in both countries in 2023.

When Is Eid ul Fitr 2023 in Pakistan?

Eid ul Fitr will be celebrated (tentatively) in Pakistan on Sat, Apr 22, 2023. Since the Eid celebrations depend on moon sightings, this date may vary by a day or two. Pakistan is also an Islamic Republic, which is why residents can enjoy the Eid celebrations with great zeal and pomp.

How Is Eid ul Fitr Celebrated?

Eid ul Fitr is celebrated by participating in Salatul Eid or Eid prayers. It is a special morning prayer after which Muslims greet one another with formal embraces and wish each other “Eid Mubarak,” which translates to “Have a blessed Eid.”

A sermon succeeds the prayer wherein the Imam discusses the importance of fasting and ensuring that they continue being good Muslims. Devotees wear new clothes to mark the start of the celebration.

Most people wait for the celebrations and look forward to them all year long. They gather together with family and friends to eat, play games, and give gifts to children.

It is common for special meals to be prepared during the event. Generally, sweet dishes such as date-filled pastries, cookies, honey cake, baklava, and other dishes are prepared for the feast.

A comprehensive food menu that consists of the most festive dishes in each country is a must. In south Asian countries, the menu comprises of Biryani, Kebabs, Haleem, Nihari, etc. However, the star of Eid ul Fitr is the sweet dishes such as halva, sheer khurma, kheer, mithai, Halawet El Jibn, baklava, and more.

Open houses are held in every street, and everyone is invited to eat together and love one another. The energy during the occasion is unlike any other.

As Zakat is a pillar of Islam, Muslims normally prepare for Eid Ul Fitry by offering money to charity and those that are less fortunate. Besides charity, Muslims also seek forgiveness from one another during the occasion.

Cleaning and Decorations

To prepare for Eid Ul Fitr, Muslims clean their homes thoroughly and put up decorations that showcase the color green. The entire house has to be cleaned a day before Eid to ensure that it is spotless. Then, decorations are placed throughout the property, both inside and outside, to show others how happy one is.

There is hustle and bustle in every Muslim household, and the Holy Quran is recited to show gratitude for all the blessings that God has bestowed. As cleaning is a part of Iman (Faith), it is important to clean every spot and get rid of the rubbish.

Graveyards are also not forgotten on this occasion. After Eid prayers, people throng to the graves of their loved ones, clean the gravestones, place flowers, and offer Fatiha (prayer) for their loved ones.

Eid ul Fitr 2023 around the World

We hope that all your queries relating to when is Eid ul Fitr 2023 have been answered. Preparing for the event in advance is crucial so that you can shop, clean, and get ready just in time. Thus, you will get to experience a stress-free Eid.

Eid ul Fitr holds a special place in every Muslim’s heart. It is a time to commemorate the revelation of the Holy Quran. As the entire Muslim community comes together during the event, it helps establish brotherhood and love.

We can learn from Eid that God only has the best intentions for us. Indeed, He is our Creator and knows us best.

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