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What Does Allahu Akbar Mean?

Allahu Akbar

Last updated on December 28th, 2021 at 03:47 pm

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than ignorance. It is the root cause of many of the problems that we face in society today. The fact that you have taken the interest to learn more about a phrase that has been largely misinterpreted shows that there is still good in the world.

Saying the phrase “Allahu Akbar” or Takbir as it is also known in public today is not always the best idea considering the current climate in western countries. I remember back in the day when nobody bothered when I said the phrase. However, things are no longer the same. But I still say “Allahu Akbar” in my heart as it helps put me at ease.

The truth is that the phrase has been largely misinterpreted due to the unfortunate events that have occurred over the last two decades. This is why I want to spread awareness by helping people understand the phrase that might scare them.

So, what does “Allahu Akbar” mean? Let’s find out.

Allahu Akbar Meaning in English

Allahu Akbar is simply translated in English as God is the greatest. It is used by Muslims across the globe as a general declaration of faith, thanksgiving and is used in prayers too. It is the cornerstone of a Muslim’s faith, the foundation on which the whole religion stands; Allah is the greatest, and there is no one but HIM that we should worship.

It is the first word that is whispered in the ears of a newborn Muslim, and it is the last word that is spoken when they lower a Muslim in their grave. Adherents of the Islamic faith use Takbir to show their gratitude to God. It is a powerful phrase that allows one to understand that God is greater than any concern that they might have and that He will provide a solution for it.

In fact, Sen. John McCain had even argued during his conversation with Fox News that the phrase should not be considered troubling as Christians also say “Thank God” without even thinking much about it. It is important for people of all religions to understand that the media has managed to achieve its nefarious agenda of instilling fear in anyone who says the phrase.

When we consider Allahu Akbar’s meaning in English, it is clear that Allahu Akbar is simply a declaration of faith and must not be associated with any negativity. Only those that celebrate the greatness of God should use the said phrase rather than those that attack His creation unjustly.

Allahu Akbar Meaning in Hindi

Written as अल्लाह अकबर in Hindi, Allahu Akbar means the same; that Allah is the greatest. India is home to around 200 million Muslims, making it the largest Muslim-minority population in the world.

The following Sunnah have been reported about Takbir.

  • Ibn `Abbas had narrated that he recognized the completion of the prayer when the Holy Prophet (PBUH) recited Takbir. Mentioned in Sahih Bukhari: 842.
  • Abu Huraira reports that Takbir is the prayer of the Messenger of God (PBUH). Mentioned in Sahih Muslim: 392.
  • Ali Ibn Abi Talib has reported that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that the key to entering prayer is Takbir, mentioned in Musnad Ahmad: 1072.

Why Do Muslims Recite Allahu Akbar?

In addition to glorifying the greatness of God, Muslims recite Allahu Akbar for the following reasons.

  • To Remember Allah: Praising Allah allows one to remember Him more. It is mentioned in the Quran in Surah Baqarah: 152 “So, remember Me and I will remember you.”
  • To Show Gratitude: Another reason why Muslims should recite Takbir is that it allows them to show gratitude.
  • For Peace of Mind: When anyone praises God, it allows them to benefit from the peace of mind. God has mentioned in the Quran in Surah Ar-Rad: 28 “Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find peace.”

Muslims also say Allahu Akbar in moments of happiness and sadness to remember Allah and offer gratitude. They also say Takbir to gain strength and courage in challenging and difficult times. Most notably, Muslims say Allahu Akbar during Salah, which they perform five times a day.

Interestingly, most Muslims also use Allahu Akbar as an expression in their daily lives; when standing up, sitting down, seeing something beautiful, praising someone, etc.

Now You Know What Allahu Akbar Means

Now that you know what Allahu Akbar means and its significance for Muslims around the world, you will come to understand why the phrase is uttered frequently. By learning more about Islam, its true beauty will appear. Hence, it is important to study religion.

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